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Fishin4Pips is one of the fastest growing online platforms for Forex trading that focuses on the market Maker Method. Since 2020 we have been educating individuals and connecting them with the relevant information needed to become consistently profitable traders. 

When it comes to trading, we take the best and leave the mess!

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Take the gambling out of your trades and stop blowing accounts. 

Why trade against those who move the monies on the FOREX market? Learn to trade with confidence, not as a retail trader but like a Market Maker yourself, by truly understanding the business model of the markets.  

At FISHIN4PIPS, we teach you how the FOREX market works, equipping you with the knowledge of how to become a profitable multi-figure trader.

With only one payment and a minimal continuation fee every 3 months you receive lifetime access to live trading sessions, daily recaps and weekly training.  You also are personally mentored by multi-figure trader and coach, ‘Captain’ Jojo Charles.

All sessions are recorded and accessible for review at any time.  You also immediately become part of a successful and vibrant trading community.

Don’t lose another dollar while trying to trade.  Learn exactly how to win most of your trades by signing up with FISHIN4PIPS.


One time payment followed by a minimal continuation fee every 3 months.

Two hour introductory in-person training with ‘Captain’ Jojo Charles

Weekly recaps and trading

Success awaits you.

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